Using Social Media for Job Search

Publié le 15 Juillet 2017

Social networks have recently entered our life. With the help of social networks, people not only entertain, communicate with friends or get acquainted, but also look for work, and also select employees. So if you want to find a job, but not yet "online", then it's time to move there.


After all, the more ways you find work, the better and faster you will achieve. According to source, It is established that people who don't use social media are much less likely to find work.

With the help of official pages of companies in social networks, as well as profiles of their employees (including former ones), one can inquire about the employer, find the right person, and then contact him.

This provides truly unique opportunities in terms of the most effective job search, not to use which would be a big mistake.

The most suitable social networks are LinkedIn, Facebook, "VKontakte". At the same time, LinkedIn is initially positioned as a social network, designed to find work and establish professional ties (although it is more popular abroad). LinkedIn is best suited for high-profile professionals and managers, looking for work in foreign companies and finding employment abroad (for example, in Europe).

In search of work can also help, and Twitter, because it also publishes jobs. In addition, Twitter allows you to find out about vacancies as quickly as possible. Jobs in "Twitter" can be searched through keywords and hash tags. In addition, it is useful to subscribe to twitter-sites for work sites, recruiting agencies, personnel departments, HR managers and various authoritative individuals.

Using Social Media for Job Search

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